External Cctv Camera

The video recorder captures each camera signal, then it compresses and records it. Analog cameras are available with many different features such as varifocal lenses, pan, tilt, zoom and long distance infrared. Network cameras have provided some technological advances in the areas of video quality and wireless installations. Be sure your surveillance camera is weatherproof and can handle all kinds of weather.

Call us for more information on what surveillance cameras would be best for your type of business. Humidity and dust can take a toll on your security system and make your camera stop functioning properly. We specialize in saving your existing camera investment by converting your existing wiring structure to accommodate new hi definition cameras. Wireless communication over an ip network has fewer problems with interference and encryption security is incorporated into the technology.

Interference from other wireless devices such as mobile phones can cause the camera video to become distorted. If price is the main factor that will help you make a decision on what type of camera to buy for surveillance, we can help you decide what to buy.