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Motion Activated Camera

To increase the security around your home and your business, your camera should also have the feature of night vision. A network video recorder performs with the same function as the dvr in the analog world. If you buy an HD DVR for HD CVI technology, then you will be best with HD CVI cameras or else you have to buy a new HD DVR. Storage is a big issue when it comes to surveillance footage, so be sure you have enough. With the variety of CCTV products that are available, make sure you match your surveillance camera and recorder technologies for best results.

If you capture images of a burglar on an old surveillance system, it will not help you prove the appearance that thief. When your old security system will not compress video any more, it's time to get a new system. If you deal in high end merchandise, the quality and resolution of a video surveillance camera is extremely important. Simply let us know if you are looking for a camera that can show your entire business. If you're just an end user looking for a solution to your security camera problems, simply give us a call so we can help you.

You can choose your favorite camera style without sacrificing the quality for indoor and outdoor setups. The bandwidth on the local network lan must be considered when making your purchase. Interference from other wireless devices such as mobile phones can cause the camera video to become distorted. A quality ip camera can sell for more than three hundred dollars. For analog systems, it is best to use rg59 siamese cables to combine the video and power cables into a jacket.

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