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Motion Activated Camera

We can help you make the right choice when it comes to all the options you can get with CCTV cameras. Interference from other wireless devices such as mobile phones can cause the camera video to become distorted. When it comes to quality, we offer the best prices on the market today. If an ip network already exists at the installation location and it can process the additional load of the new cameras, then ip cameras are easier to install. The tri-bred technology is designed to convert an existing analog cabling system into a high definition 1080p or 4k system.

When it's tough to navigate your video surveillance footage, call on us to update your system. The more storage you have for your video system, the safer everyone will be. Call us for more information on what surveillance cameras would be best for your type of business. We can fix your old video surveillance or install a new system for you. If you want to keep an eye on potential theft, you need to have an upgraded video surveillance system.

If we put one hundred ip cameras with cif on a network, we would use about seventy two mbps bandwidth. In a conventional analog CCTV application, the surveillance cameras capture an analog video signal and transmit this signal to the digital video recorder. The installation of analog cameras coupled with dvrs is still the most cost effective approach to most security applications. Recording the actions that take place in your back alley is important for any business. Be sure your surveillance camera is weatherproof and can handle all kinds of weather.

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